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Community Outreach

Serving the Pottstown community and beyond.

Community Partners

Teaching and Learning

(left to right) Rev. Elli Louden, Rabbi Cynthia Kravitz, Pastor Vernon Ross and Bishop Jeffrey N. Leath, taken at Bethel Community Church’s “Dedication of the Cross” Service.

Rabbi Kravitz was invited to teach the Bethel Community Church congregation about the Ner Tamid (Eternal Light) that is located in the Sanctuary. 

Building Partnerships

Rabbi Cynthia Kravitz spent a wonderful afternoon on visiting The Hill School in Pottstown. She is pictured with Rev. Anne Confer Martens, Warner Associate Chaplain and Chair of the Religious Studies and Philosophy Department at the school. Rabbi Kravitz enjoyed lunch with Jewish Faculty and Students and shared ideas on future programming and visits between our congregation and The Hill School.  A wonderful afternoon!

Community Collaboration
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