Learning For Life

Bring light into the darkness of Winter with study and sharing!

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“Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Kravitz”

Wednesdays at CHSE from 12:15-1:00 pm

Dates: November 16, 30, December 7,

December 14, 1:00-1:45 pm for this date.

Bring a kosher dairy lunch or something to nosh on and let’s learn Torah together!

Each week we will be “chewing” on verses from “Parashat HaShavuah-The Torah Reading for that Week,” study ancient and modern commentaries… and add a dash of our own creativity!

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“A Tapestry of Jewish Prayer” -Rabbi Cynthia Kravitz

Thursday Evenings via Zoom  7:00-7:45pm - link below


If you’d like to feel more connected or deepen your feeling for the

Spirituality of Jewish Prayer, this class is for you!  


With the Hebrew Prayerbook as our guide, we will be moving through the prayers of the Shabbat Morning Service. What are the values and feeling behind these words? How can I deepen my personal connection to the Jewish path to prayer?


Note: Feel free to join us for all of the sessions or to just “zoom in“ for individual sessions. NO HEBREW SKILLS REQUIRED- Just an open heart!


Session 1 What is Jewish Prayer? An introduction to the Siddur (Prayerbook)

Session 2 Birkot HaShachar- Blessings of the Morning and the Barechu -The Call to Prayer.

Session 3 The Shema and her Blessings

Session 4 A beginning look at the Amidah- Our Private Prayers


RSVP to the office: hesedshelemet575@gmail.com, or call 610-326-1717

Four-person minimum for each session, so if you plan to join in, let us know!


If you are interested in exploring the path leading to Conversion to Judaism, please email Rabbi Kravitz at rabbikravitzchse@gmail.com together with a telephone number where she can reach you.